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When it comes to your apparel supply we do the whole lot, the whole package. This enables you to do what you do best and we will do the rest.
From event t-shirts, clothing ranges or product photography we have got you covered. Founded on the art of screen-printing and embroidery we make sure you and your organization look your best.

Highest Quality Guarantee

Again, with our aim and purpose being to take care of the planet and our clients, high quality is a part of the foundation we are built on. Let us quite the talk and walk the walk for you. How we work is... simple:
  • Complete the quote form
  • Once the quote has been accepted and invoice paid, the product proofs will be sent to you.
  • Once that has been approved, work will commence.
  • You should receive the products in 10 - 14days (urgent orders can be arranged)
  • Alternatively, you can order wholesale products or we can source/manufacturer garments for you.
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