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Apparel supply made simple for Not-for-profit and for-purpose organizations.

Abide Supply is a social enterprise that exists to aid and allow you and your organization, to do what you do best. When it comes to your apparel, we can do the rest!
For an organization, we know that running an online clothing store or getting merchandise for an event can be a complex process. So, whether its graphic design, screen-printing, embroidering, product photography, online store order fulfillment or the whole lot, we have got you covered.

Although only freshly established in 2020, we have already had the great opportunity to supply many organizations. In doing so, enabling them to run events, create awareness and plus, raise funds for their cause.
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The world we want to see.


At Abide, we believe that every human has inherent value and so in everything we do we aim to equip and inspire young people to thrive and become who they were created to be. So as a social enterprise we give 50% of our profits to our partners who share our vision and do their bit in the world, we aim to increase this as we grow.
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We aim to simplify the apparel supply industry for all Australian based charitable & non-profit organizations so they can focus on bringing positive change.
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Future Ethical Manufacturing factory

We are working towards the goal of partnering with a charity organization to create manufactured products tailored to your needs.
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Circular supply chain

We are on a journey of continual growth and improvement in sustainability and ethicality. We are currently looking at ways to reuse and recycle discarded textiles to minimize the textile industry footprint. We are currently looking into a clothing up-cycling/recycling partner.
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We are aware of the environmental footprint the textile industry has on the world. We are taking steps to do what we can to mitigate ours by partnering with suppliers like Ascolour. See the ethical production guide here.


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Daniel Ulyate

CEO & Founder

Passionate about people, kingdom business and making a positive impact on the world. Dan, brings his management, creative problem solving and visionary ability to the business. Being in the clothing industry for the last 5 years he knows the ins and outs of creating and selling branded merchandise.

Personal mantra: Live with Purpose

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Lisa Walker

Designer & Creator

Hi, I’m Lisa, designer & creator. I have a bachelors of design and over 3 years industry experience in both agencies and in-house design. When I’m not designing, you will find me exploring and enjoying the simple pleasures of coastal life on the Sunshine Coast.

Supply made Simple

Supply made Simple

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